Aminata Kanneh-Mason (12) Violin and Piano

Aminata is twelve years old and attends Trinity Catholic School in Nottingham. She is a member of The Royal Academy of Music, Primary Academy, and studies violin with Nicole Wilson. Aminata has Grade 8 distinction on the violin and Grade 7 Distinction on the piano (2017), studying piano with Vicky Manderson.

She is a member of Chineke! Junior Orchestra and has played with the orchestra in venues such
as The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. Aminata has performed with the Kanneh-Masons throughout the UK, including Southwell, Derby, Tenby, Machynlleth, Lichfield, Belper, Breadsall, Suffolk, The Albert Hall, Nottingham, and London. She has forthcoming concerts (chamber and solo) in Belper, Bath, Southwell Minster and London.

Aminata has joined her siblings in concert tours of Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean in 2017 and
2018. She played, with the Kanneh-Masons, for The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
in March 2017.

Aminata has appeared on several television and radio programmes, including Sounding Out with Notts TV, BBC World Service, Al Jazeera TV, the Semi Final of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, BBC and ITV News, Channel 4, the BBC4 documentary, Young, Gifted and Classical, and BBC1 The One Show. She is featured, with The Kanneh-Masons, in a forthcoming USA documentary by CBS Television.

Aminata is very grateful to The Nottingham Soroptimist Trust.